About Me

bowmans closeupI am Krista Ziobrowski.  I am 46 years old and I live in upstate New York, just outside of Saratoga Springs.  I have been married to my husband, Michael, for 13 years.  We have an amazing eleven-year-old daughter, Marlie, and a Cairn Terrier named Bailey.  I love spending time with my friends and family, reading, cooking and fitness.    I also love sports, especially gymnastics ( yes, that was me….1985 NY State champion for the uneven parallel bars!)krista gymnastics1

I have been an internet marketer since 2013.  However, I have not always been an internet marketer.  In fact, for 21 years, I was a licensed speech language pathologist who served the pediatric population doing home and community based services through the New York State Early Intervention Program.  For all of those years, I earned a six figure income as a private practicioner.  My husband also earned a very respectable income as an engineer in commercial construction.  Between the two of us, we provided a very nice lifestyle for our family.  I was accustomed to having a cleaning lady and lawn service, driving a luxury car, getting my hair and nails done at a high end salon, buying whatever I wanted for myself and those I love, tastefully decorating my home, nice dinners in fine restaurants, and taking upscale vacations.  We lived a life such that my husband’s income paid the bills, and mine paid for the frills and went toward saving for retirement and college for our daughter.

However, all of that changed in the spring of 2010.

In 2010, grave changes were made to the Early Intervention Program that included a 10% rate cut as well as restructuring of the billing process.  The lucrative private practice that I had became not so lucrative very quickly, mostly because payments were put on hold for 16 months.  I lost my income and we felt like we lost our lives.

After trying to hang on to my business and burning through a ton of our savings, I gave up my private practice in the fall of 2011.  I was devastated.  I took a job for an agency serving a different population in September 2011 and I hated it.  Having been my own boss for so many years, I could not stand a boss telling me what to do and how to do it. I literally hated my life.   I was earning one third of what I earned annually as a private practicioner, but at least it was something instead of nothing.  I was working just as hard and driving more miles and using more gas than I ever would have working for myself with no reimbursement for mileage.  I actually had more paperwork to do at home than I did before.  What really made me furious was that we were still strapped.

We looked into selling our home only to discover that it’s value had dropped $100,000 from it’s original purchase price, as the housing market had crashed  two years prior in 2008.   Selling our home was not an option, so the plan was to hunker down and try to hang on. Life became unbelievably modest.  There were no dates or dinners out, no new clothes, no more trips to the salon and no vacations..  I felt broke and broken.  We had just enough money for the bills and not much else.  Any time a car repair or and incidental came up that was not in the budget, we were stressed.  For the first time ever, my husband and I began to fight about money.  The worst part of it was that I felt like it was my fault because it was my income that we lost.  I felt like my marriage was slipping away.  I had a young child to whom I chronically said “no”  about everything she wanted me to buy and every activity she wanted to do that cost money.   I felt like the worst mother in the  world.  What was even worse was that I felt like I worked 24/7 and could barely give her my attention and I was definitely less patient.  I had the burden of  a huge house to clean with no time to do it, and a job that I hated.  All I did was work all the time only to continue to be broke.  I felt a level of misery that I had never felt in my life.

capemay beachIn late 2012, I turned to the internet to try and supplement my income.  Of course, I had no idea what I was doing, but  I believed that I could figure it out. I suffered from information overload and accomplished nothing for the first few months.   I joined a few programs and made a little bit of money, but nothing substantial or consistent.  All I knew how to do was post my affiliate link anywhere and everywhere.  Once in a blue moon it worked  and I would get a sale.  But if I was going to get my life back, I knew I needed to do better than once in a blue moon.

Getting back the life we had prior to 2010 was my goal.  What I have learned is that when you want something, you have to go after it with craze and obsession.  You have to be ready to work your ass off in the beginning.  You might need to spend a little money, try some things that don’t work, piss off some people,  stay up late and wake up early, miss out on some fun things, work when you do not feel like it and argue with your spouse from time time.  Success does not come easy.  You have to keep pushing no matter what and never give up!  You need to keep learning and never get comfortable or complacent.  You have to love the process!   It is now 2016 and I make money every day with a few different programs.  Exitus Elite is a valuable addition to my portfolio and is now my primary focus!

Thanks to all of it, I am on the fast track to getting my life back!  I am now in a place where I have been able to retire from speech therapy all together and I am so much happier.

To Your Success,

Krista Ziobrowski